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The model of our presence and support at home offers your relatives professional support in everyday life. It relieves you of the various time-consuming tasks that professional all-round support entails. Our trained care personnel from Hungary take care of the needs of your relatives.

The Hungarian SPPS carers live with your relatives in need of care. They manage the household, assist with personal hygiene, shop, cook, help with food intake, and ensure that those in need of care remain mobile within their means. The scope of the care depends entirely on the needs of the individual person. As far as possible, an active life remains in the foreground. The objective is to maintain, train, and promote physical and mental abilities. In order to avoid overburdening, the caregivers change regularly (2–3 caregivers). In doing so, we strive for permanent teams that guarantee the highest possible level of continuity in support and care.


We advise you extensively and individually tailored to your personal needs.

Of course, our consultation services are free of charge and completely non-binding.

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