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€40 care aids

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The care insurance provider grants care-giving relatives a benefit of €40 per month. This amount is intended to cover the costs arising from the purchase of care aids.

According to section 40 (1) of the Social Code, all insured persons in a statutory long-term care insurance scheme are entitled to this benefit if the long-term care aids contribute to the care or alleviation of complaints or enable the person being cared for to lead a more independent life.

The expenses may not exceed €40 per month. Should this nevertheless be the case, the costs must be covered with personal resources.

The most important prerequisite is that the person in need of care is cared for at home, because persons accommodated in a retirement home are not entitled to the €40 flat rate. In addition, there must be a degree of care.

Which care aids are covered by the flat rate?

The law stipulates that the €40 flat rate can only be granted for “care aids intended for consumption”. This includes the following products:

  • Disinfectants (for hands and surfaces)
  • Disposable gloves
  • Masks
  • Disposable absorbent bed pads
  • Protective clothing (e.g. disposable plastic aprons)

Care aids for consumption are not intended for repeated use because of their material and properties. Instead, they are to be disposed of after a single use. They facilitate the caregiver’s work because they offer protection against infections and contamination.

How is the billing done?

The €40 flat rate is granted by the care insurance provider; however, this does not happen automatically. In order to receive the benefits, you must submit a corresponding request. This must be approved by the care insurance provider.

Of course, we will be glad to help you. Complete our application form. We take care of the billing by the care insurance provider. The delivery is carried out automatically by us each month after approval of the flat rate and does not have to be ordered separately.

If the medical service has issued an opinion on the necessity of the care products, you should enclose this with the application. No prescription from the attending physician is required for approval!

Privately insured persons will receive an invoice from us and must submit it to their private health insurance provider for settlement.


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