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Philosophy and quality promise

The SPPS corporate group has set itself the task of caring for all people in their familiar environment.

From infants to the elderly, this includes the chronically or terminally ill, individuals with disabilities, people who want to recover from acute phases of illness at home (convalescence), and those who are dependent on intensive care (e.g. respiratory patients).

We want to do all this together with the relatives or friends of our clients – just as you would if you had the strength, the will, and the knowledge to do so.

Our team is made up of: Caregivers of different specialities, housekeepers, supplementary help, and administrative staff.

The professional care we provide is oriented to the individual needs, biography, and lifestyle of each individual entrusted to us. This applies regardless of gender, nationality, professional situation, personality, or ideology. The physical, mental, and social needs determine our input . Respecting freedom and promoting independence form the basis of our activities.

We provide professional care on the basis of the latest findings in care science (including national standards), taking into account individual needs and financial aspects.

It is a matter of course for us that our employees are continuously trained and educated beyond the pre-specified mandatory hours. 

It goes without saying that the care documentation and care planning are prepared for each individual client and updated at regular intervals. In addition, care standards, regular visits, and team meetings ensure a high quality of care.

In order to guarantee the best possible care, we work together closely with the treating physicians and other professional groups (e.g. occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and chiropodists).

Outside our business hours, you can reach us around the clock via the emergency care call.


We advise you extensively and individually tailored to your personal needs.

Of course, our consultation services are free of charge and completely non-binding.