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3-year certified geriatric caregiver

Training as a certified geriatric caregiver in the SPPS corporate group means advising people of all age groups, maintaining their health, helping them to cope with an illness, and securing their basic needs as well as participating in medical care, activating customer clients, and cooperating in rehabilitation. Geriatric care also meansproviding end-of-life care to terminally ill patients.. We are an outpatient facility that is entitled to train state-approved geriatric caregivers in accordance with the geriatric nursing law of 2003 and the current training and examination regulations.

The training We start the courses on 1 August or 1 September each year. During the approx. 3,000 hours of practical training, you will be extensively prepared for your future profession by practical instructors and state-certified care staff.

The training contents are:

  • Outpatient care and geriatric care
  • 24-hour home ventilation (intensive care)
  • Geriatrics
  • Stationary and semi-stationary equipment
  • Various specialist departments in the hospital

You can also get an insight into hospice facilities and outpatient rehabilitation facilities. In more than 2,100 hours of theoretical instruction, you will carefully prepare care instructors, pedagogues, and many other specialist lecturers from cooperating schools for the state examination. The contents of the lessons are: recognising, determining, and evaluating care situations in people of all age groups. Selecting, performing, and evaluating maintenance procedures. Providing expert support, advice, and guidance on care-related issues. Participating in the development and implementation of concepts and integrating them into the care business. Aligning care activities with personal requirements. Aligning care actions with findings from care science. Aligning care activities with quality criteria and legal frameworks as well as economic and ecological principles. Participating in medical diagnostics and therapy. Taking immediate life support measures. Developing professional self-awareness and learning to cope with professional demands. Influencing the development of the care profession in the social context. Working together in groups and teams.

Beyond the legal regulations we offer to you:

  • General conditions and changes in legislation
  • Occupational safety
  • Preservation of your own health/back training
  • A study trip, the destination of which you determine together with your course instructor
  • Two class excursions
  • Visit to a rehabilitation facility
  • Seminar on “Dealing with death and grief”
  • Basic courses in basal stimulation and kinaesthetics
  • Practical assignments in various facilities
  • Learning groups with individual help

What we require from you:

  • a letter of application
  • a passport photo
  • a recent curriculum vitae (complete, in tabular form, signed)
  • A-Level or equivalent certificates (copy): Secondary school leaving certificate, A-levels, or equivalent certificates
  • Certificates of any previous activities (copies)


Current training grants (gross) and 30 days holiday entitlement:
1st year of training: €1,150.00
2nd year of training: €1,250.00
3rd year of training: €1,350.00

In addition to the training grants, you will receive tax-free allowances from the 2nd year of training onwards.

Housing possibilities: If you are dependent on a residence, we can provide you with one of our company apartments.

There are various funding opportunities for career changers.

We are looking forward to your visit!
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